About Us

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Raydiant Heat Yoga is the only one of its kind in its hometown. It is designed for every level of practiioner, across all ages groups and experience. Raydiant Heat Yoga uses a unique physical framework to give rise to personal enrichment.  We proudly utilize the Baptiste Methodology and typically follow the Journey Into Power sequencing for our classes.

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Jennie’s classes will be both physically and spiritually rewarding.  Novices are encouraged through every sequence and those with more advanced practices will also find enhancement. The spirit of Jennie’s classes can be found in the physicality but also the “take it off the mat” challenges.  in 60, 75 or 90 minutes you will likely meet your personal edge in several areas of growth.


“Jennie Ray is known for her authentic, non-judgemental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy.  She offers thought provoking meditations through her classes.  She has encouraged my growth physically and spiritually”  -Terrie L., Richmond, VA