From Studio Owners & Private Clients:

“As an employee, Jennie Ray is a joy to have on staff.  She is always on time, always has a smile on her face and her love for yoga is contagious.  She teaches the Baptiste sequence with great care and compassion.  She makes herself available to her students before and after class for questions, and she always welcomes feedback.  She is a true ray of sunshine!”                                        -Rachel Mzhickteno, Hot Yoga Richmond

“Jennie started introducing yoga to my students with Intellectual Disabilities at Manchester High School about three years ago. Wednesdays were super exciting for the anticipation of Ms. Jennie’s arrival. Her kindness, patience and Yogi wisdom provided my students with the tools they needed to become strong warriors.  We watched them grow and blossom over the years, and become more present and self aware. They showed their gratitude by showering her with hugs and thank yous in their special ways.  We look forward to the end of this pandemic so we can continue our practice with the amazing Ms Jennie.”                                         -Marie Boger, Manchester High School

From Students:

“You can immediately tell that Jennie Ray teaches from inside her heart and soul – and it’s obviously she has a strong self practice and lives to lead a yoga lifestyle, both on and off her mat. Love the cueing, flow, and spirituality of Jennie Ray’s classes – she does so while being very grounded and real. I would bring a friend to her class any day!”
-Anna SW

“As a teacher, Jennie Ray is incredibly skilled at her craft.  I love that in each of her classes, she weaves a bit of yoga philosophy into her teaching.  She is loving and kind and I know I can show up to her class in whatever form I am in and she will accept me without judgement in that moment.  I trust her as a teacher, not just to guide me through a class, but to show up and be present with me as a fellow yogi”
-Rachel M.

“I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I’ve done dozens of different types of “workouts.” But I didn’t come to discover the gift that is yoga until Jennie shared it with me when I was 55 years old. Nothing has resonated with me in body, in mind, in spirit the way yoga does. Specifically, Baptiste Power Yoga. Why? because it’s not a “workout”; it’s a journey each and every time I step on my mat. Jennie is a master at the Baptiste sequence, but even more than that, she uses the practice to spur me into deeper, more meaningful inquiry of myself. Because of her instruction, I’ve gone from “Oh I’ll never be able to do that pose,” to being able to get up into wheel; but what she has taught me is that I get up into wheel now, not because of the development of my body, but because of the development of an open heart and an open mind that pushes beyond self-imposed limitations. As Jennie’s student, i feel guided by her instruction, but she also inspires me to be in my own power”
-Matt P

“Jennie Ray is a dynamic, heart-connected teacher. She is an empowering leader who masterfully weaves together a strong physical asana practice with spiritual inquiry and exploration. After each of her classes, I am left feeling cracked wide open. She leads her classes with vulnerability and intentionality, thereby inviting her students to do the same on and off their mats. I am so grateful to be a part of the community that Jennie has created!”
-Camille H.