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There are things we may need to pretend not to know about ourselves in order to make space for change in our lives.  New beginnings require us to “dig deep” and “dive in” to what IS rather than what we anticipated or thought might be. More succinctly, some times we have to live what we want to become.

When I was 50 lbs. heavier, I had to go deeper into my core to believe myself to be a more active person.  When I was a very heavy drinker, I had to believe myself to be a more sober person in order to become one.  When I was a budding yogi (which I would argue I still am!) I had to allow myself to live as a yogi in body, mind and spirit in order to find my own truth.

It’s been said that “we have to start from the unflattering position of where we are”.

Take inventory. Take note.  Aware yourself of exactly and precisely where you are in this moment.  In order to know who you want to become you must know who you are.  Maybe make no effort to change, do or fix anything for a while.   Then make space.  Allow.  Dive in.  Like a wave in the ocean…there is always another one on the horizon. Dive in!

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