Help is NOT on the way

“If you are finding it hard to access ease in this posture…don’t worry…help is not on the way”  -Kirsten Mooney

While on a trip in 2014 to Naples, Florida I was fortunate to practice at a studio by the name Bala Vinyasa Yoga.  Bala VInyasa was a studio inspired by the Baron Baptiste form of Hot Power Yoga.  The classes there were the most challenging I’d ever taken!  I always left having given it my all and truly feeling “the burn”.

I am a “sit with it” yogini who believes that in time, and with practice, the inaccessible poses may become less so.  After all, it is easy to become injured if we push ourselves beyond our edge.

Does it sound as if I am relaying two different messages?  Practice Power yoga ie. “feel the burn”, but at the same time find ease and allow your body the grace to meet it’s edge when it is ready?

I AM!!!!

This is the “work” of yoga for me.  It is finding the balance between effort and ease.  It is recognizing that this very work must be done on and off of my mat.  If I push too hard, then things will break.  The “work” is accepting that the “help” I may seek in challenge is my own to provide.  I do have it within me to be both courageous and strong but also gentle and graceful.

Maybe this is your “work” too?  Perhaps in struggle you can go inward and find peace.  Know this, YOU CAN!!!   We all have the tools we need to find balance.  This work is our own to do.  No one is on the way to rescue us…we are our own best teachers.




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