Into the Exhale

Much attention is spent on the breath in a yoga class.  Vinyasa Flow is focused on movement with breath.  Each posture is paired with either an inhale or an exhale.  Every so often we remain in a posture for 2, 3 or 5 complete breaths, but movement with breath is the intent.

I have begun to truly notice my exhale.  In times of stress it seems almost double in length to my inhale.  Knowing what I do about the experience of yoga I know that forward folds are always practiced on the exhale which allows the lungs to empty and release toxins.  And yet, I know the lovely sound of wind instruments is created by the exhale.  In fact, it is the exhale that drives the heavenly sound of the trumpet Chris Botti plays.

I also know that the very last thing I will do on this earth is exhale.

So the value of the observation is this; if heaven (Or for me, the presence of my Higher Power) is where I am to return at the end of this life, then maybe the exhale is more relevant than anything else I do!  Perhaps one must be in the process of releasing in order to experience the goodness of my Higher Power.

For me, the practice of yoga is synonymous with release.  True release allows for the creation of space for something new and good to enter.

Get into your exhale and be grateful!

Jennie Ray Hart,
October 24, 2013

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